The Traditional Thai Massage

The massage may be performed with or without relaxing oils, it can be a valid means to improve situations of wrong postural tendencies, it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulations, the Thai massage can also be used to relieve back and neck pains, with its relaxing effect it can also be used for minor upsets from insomnia. The traditional Thai massage is based on the Eastern concept of circulation and energy balance, presupposed of harmony on both the physical and mental conditions. It consists of a long sequence of combination of pressure, stretching, twisting and joint manipulations. In addition, it acts also through pressures typical of the Thai massage on the circulation and on specific points along the energy lines.


The basic massage of oriental medicine. Artfully carried out by our therapists who come from the most important temple-school in Thailand. Based on the acupressure of points along the energy lines for achieving a secure beneficial effect, it can be done with or without oil.

 massaggio thai

It reflects the techniques of Thai massage but with less intensity and favoring a final state of relax to relieve stress and tension. Normally, it is performed with oil for better relaxation of the muscles.

massaggio rilassante

For posture problems or to treat light pain, it is necessary to massage the cervical area often part of aching contractions.

 massaggio cervicale

The use of herbs based on natural substances allows to mix their effects to the beneficial action of a good massage.

aroma terapia
  • FOOT MASSAGE  (Reflexology)

Besides, to alleviate pain in the sole of the foot due to various causes often related to poor blood circulation, massage and reflexology also have a positive effect on all organs of the body according to the teachings of the ancient Chinese medicine.

 massaggio plantare

For the care and beauty of your body, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments:
– Regenerating and rejuvenating treatments for facial / décolté and hands
– Massage and facial treatment
– Manicure and pedicure with various techniques of applying nail polish
– Hair Removal